Goan Beaches

Goa and its beaches do not need an introduction. The state is well known for its spectacular beaches that are a major reason behind its successful tourism. Replete with swaying palms, food shacks, flea markets, water sports and nightlife the Goa beaches make for a perfect holiday. Covering almost 83% of the total coastline area of Goa the beaches in Goa offer everything that makes your vacation a memorable one.

Goan Temples

The temples in Goa are like most Hindu temples in India. Each of the temples in Goa is based around a deity which is the centre of worship. However, the architecture of the temples in Goa is a little different because of historical reasons.

Night Life in Goa

There are various pubs & discotheques spread all over the state of Goa, providing different themes. Nightclubs are located in all corners of Goa, and the atmosphere is totally relaxing. A countless number of people visit Goa every year to enjoy amazing delectable cuisine with local wine 'feni' at the Bars and Pubs located ashore beautiful beaches. Alot of Discotheques, Hotel Events, Bars and restaurants, Night Bazaars which are open throughout the night.

Bollywood tour of Goa

The Bollywood Tourism Package is day long package. Immerse yourself in the world of your favourite movies. A specially created studio called BollywooDrome has been designed for the tour - with sets created to recreate memorable Hindi movie scenes. It will be an interactive and participative session with performers, directors and technicians from Bollywood who will enact scenes from movies for the visitors, along with a question and answer session.

Boat Cruises in Goa

A Pleasant 60 minutes to enjoy the calm and cool of river Mandovi, while you watch the lively culture of Goa in songs and dances like dekhni, fugdi and portuguese Corredinho with live music.

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